To be the best, you have to train the best. Get in the trenches and follow three athletes as they grind it out. Here's a flavor of three drills below, watch the video, check out the diagram and follow the step by step. Paired with the best gear to get you the results you deserve.

SHOOTING: Step by step

Deliver a lofted pass from the byline to the edge of the D.

Get yourself into position around the penalty spot.

Battle with the attacking player in a 1v1 scenario.

Attempt to win the ball and clear to saftey.

PASSING: Step by step

Set up 4 mini goals with 4 balls as shown in diagram.

Pass back and forth with player 2 to complete 4 passes.

Take a touch and turn. Pass the ball into the mini goal.

Repeat this process into the remaining goals and swap.

DRIBBLING: Step by step

Start opposite your opponent on your toes.

When whistle blows, sprint around the poles.

Turn back to goal and run through the cones.

Race your opponent to the ball and shoot first time.